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You, you put fairies into my eyes

When really it was dust

Got water in my lungs

Trying to swim beyond

Alone with the sharks

You did not dig in and break the crust

Around my burning heart

Soon you'll hear the drums

Raging on and on

Out of your sad act


I'm grasping for air

In an ocean of lies

The theater of our lives

I wish someone was there

I won't drown under

I'm in trouble water

I won't ever put myself on top

But I'll stop pushing you up

Once the puppeteer

Now I cut the strings

I'm gonna go and be free

Even if it means I have to fall

My path has not to be traced

I won't walk no more

I won't be crawling

I am in a race


Alone in the crowd I feel the knife

Your thumbs keep on pushing harder

In a deadly silence now

I come back to life

Under pressure I won't burst

My body might give up once or twice

My face might put on a smile

But it's just a clown

It is of no trust

Under the mask a soldier



Oh~ There's a weight, over my head

Hand around my neck

Under water, cannot see

Under pressure, cannot breathe



Now you hear the sound of the drums rage out and x4

Now you hear the sound of the drums rage out and run


from Please Beware, released October 4, 2016



all rights reserved


The Uneven Steps Geneva, Switzerland

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